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Where do I learn Hypnosis?
09/05/21(Sun)23:18:17 No.42386

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I want to do pic rel IRL but everything seems so complicated.



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get a suit. rent out a locale. invest tens of thousands in marketing. put on a show. pay a couple of plants to sit in on your show. on opening night invite local media reporters. do your plants first. make sure you have a catchphrase. ham up your performance. rinse/repeat until you get a gig at a cruise ship or something. eventually you'll pull a nympho who's into domination. profit backstage afterwards.
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I do too, unfortunately I'm too unattractive to work with the number 1 rule of hypnosis:
<A subject will never do what they don't want to do or don't believe the hypnotist can do.

a few roofies never killed anyone.

Not trying to take this in an illegal direction, but how does someone even get away with something like that? Wouldn't the person just wake up, remember who you were, and phone the police?
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take a look. in a nightclub with someone who has already been drinking, it isn't hard to see how it happens. most people black out and have no memory of what happened. if you are anal about it, set up an alibi in advance and deny if they ask about it.

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