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If I may ask, why this thread?


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File: 82FBC19D-6668-4CB0-A20C-E(...).jpeg (285.23 KB, 568x474)

Too bad that doesn’t apply to creatures like myself with frequent autistic rage, or maybe that doesn’t fall under “the most dominant man they [think] they can have control over.” Then again, maybe that’s because I try to appear as stoic yet submissive as possible in front of people due to my general incompetency.
Should probably work on that more...
File: 1642761811051.jpg (46.21 KB, 1000x665)

I wonder what happen to OP now
Got gf?
File: FB_IMG_1642780007159.jpg (100.61 KB, 1080x1310)

Yeah, where are you, OP?!!
File: FJimrRAVcAA97Si.jpg (28.41 KB, 589x588)


Same. God knows I haven't found one.
File: 1643168416410.jpg (320.12 KB, 1336x1764)

Combination of Height & face
Women are attracted to height like dudes are attracted to tits and asses. Sometimes the face just isn't that important.

File: 20201201_103808.jpg (394.39 KB, 1065x960)
Random links, pics vids?
03/16/21(Tue)21:08:22 No.17172

Anybody have any random megas, pics, vids, base64 codes? Bored bored bored
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>>After the video got shouts of alarm (including at least one “oh Christo” from senator Maria Laura Mantovani) the conference’s tech team attempted to regain control, only to have another hentai video played featuring Genshin Impact’s Xiangling. Alex was then kicked from the conference call.
Lmaooo spaghetti

Also /pol/ thread exist too anon




>>51825 Fuck italy
File: FB_IMG_1643131368074.jpg (36.57 KB, 1080x1075)


But Cloud Strife has better butt model than tifa & Aerith in《Final Fantasy VII Remake》.

File: nnugjjyggnm.jpg (110.41 KB, 623x400)
01/23/22(Sun)15:30:14 No.51973

Real raped of European women 14 - 45 years

Files taken from a sealed source

list links
File: lookAtThisShit.png (368 KB, 559x446)
<This shit again
Just make your own board and update the links there. Quit polluting entryway with the same thing over and over again!

OP is a flaming faggot

File: 1612770646877m.jpg (149.94 KB, 654x1024)
Women getting blasted
02/08/21(Mon)10:22:46 No.11300

redditsucks bitchesaintshit incel
A women want a man with a good future, but a man want a women with good past
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You only have to look at /v/ to see he's right: most of the people reading this are stupid and they're also insecure about how the modern internet has left them behind (arbitrary hatred of reddit etc)
File: 1641634965166.png (491.03 KB, 668x786)
Pokimane simp btfo
File: IMG_20220108_194114.jpg (193.33 KB, 1080x656)
File: 271590318_101595469464909(...).jpg (167.56 KB, 1259x2048)
Shout out Gary

File: 1643001180814.png (299.81 KB, 604x735)

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Women are so used to the benefits of gynocentric patriarchy that they are literally blind to its downsides for men.

Kek the funniest part of this is that they made it men complimenting other men instead of women complimenting men because they know any man would like that
Yeah what people seem to consciously ignore it’s that 99% of the time it’s not a misogynist guy making these compliments, but a shy guy trying to break the ice.

I myself used to a have a lot of problems talking to girls growing up, it’s something every guy passes through sometimes in his life. Then you eventually come out.

The problem with these comics it’s that they always seem to start with a sort of passive aggressive stance towards their targeted strawman, that’s what makes them not funny or interesting at all.
Have you still not realized that it's not about the compliment?

Compliments are fine, it's how they are delivered and in what context that matters.

It's really fucking simple:

Would you go up to someone you barely know from work and say: Hey, your ass looks great in those jeans!

No of course you wouldn't because that would be weird and sexual.

That means it's weird and sexual to say it to some girl you barely know from work.

So here's the simple home test you can do before pay in a compliment to anyone:

Could you say it to the dude you think is called Brian in accounting or would that be a bit weird?

If it's weird, don't say it to a girl.

It doesn't matter if you mean it as a compliment, if it's weird. It's weird.
File: help.png (156.1 KB, 540x540)

>Would you go up to someone you barely know from work and say: Hey, your ass looks great in those jeans!
If I could, I would, and I hope someone would do something similar if not the same to me. To be fair, I'm not one to make explicitly sexual comments, especially about people's body parts even if I do find them appealing (except maybe the eyes, since people tend to be fine with those compliments), but if I did feel the need I would be just as willing to do it to any guy.
Sometimes I wish women would catcall me, even if I knew those words were hollow. Being appreciated by women is all I care about anymore, to my chagrin.

>Could you say it to the dude you think is called Brian in accounting or would that be a bit weird?
I once told a girl I liked her shirt because it was a Pikmin shirt and she immediately retaliated calling me a pervert. Even after I meekly responded by stating the above, she still implied that I deserved what I got because it was completely inappropriate to mention an article of clothing she was wearing, let alone call it "nice". Tried it with different adjectives with other women, but most reacted in similar ways. Whenever I tell a guy these things, it usually gives them a smile. Sometimes I'll see them grinning all day, I even had a guy thank me later that day for the compliment (that I didn't even think that much of) since it was just what he needed to get through a tough day during a tough week. It's probably like
>Truthfully, women only like compliments from people they want compliments from. [...] they don’t want compliments from ugly guys.
I hate being an ugly guy. People treat every nice thing you say at though it's coated in battery acid.

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File: 1642123146104.jpg (181.37 KB, 1024x1010)

Like the people in the thread say, reminds me of this:


Really wish women were more kind to men. Don't know if it's the education system, post-mid 20th century parenting or something else, but it feels like I can't be authentic around women, not because they'll find it unattractive, but because they'll react in an extreme manner and get me arrested or worse.
File: FB_IMG_1642473806768.jpg (62.52 KB, 960x887)

We live in society
File: IMG_20220122_150319.jpg (293.06 KB, 1080x984)
You agree with her?

Truthfully, women only like compliments from people they want compliments from. If the woman in question wants compliments from strangers then they don’t complain about it, but if they don’t then it’s weird. Same reason why ugly guys can say the same thing as handsome ones and be called a creep for it: they don’t want compliments from ugly guys.

women have nothing left to complain about, whine about people being nice to them.

I wish I could get a modicum of the level of compliments a typical woman receives just for existing.

A woman will receive a thousand compliments a day and still whine people are mean to her.

A man will get one compliment and will remember and feel good about it on his deathbed because it's so unique.

File: stonetoss.jpg (33.01 KB, 800x450)
Stonetoss Code
01/20/22(Thu)19:15:48 No.51919

Probably a dumb post, but does anyone know what the following text means?
>01001101 01111010 01001101 01100111 01001101 01111010 01101011 01100111 01001101 01101011 01010101 01100111 01001101 01111010 01100011 01100111 01001101 01111010 01001101 01100111 01001101 01111010 01011001 01100111 01001101 01111010 01100011 01100111 01010001 01101010 01000001 01100111 01001101 01101010 01000001 01100111 01001110 01000101 01010101 01100111 01001101 01101011 01001101 01100111 01001101 01101010 01000001 01100111 01001101 01111010 01000101 01100111 01001101 01111010 01000001 01100111 01001101 01111010 01010001 01100111 01001101 01101011 01010101 01100111 01001101 01111010 01101011 01100111 01001101 01111010 01100011 01100111 01001101 01111010 01101011 01100111 01001101 01111010 01010101 01100111 01010001 01101010 01000001 01100111 01001101 01101010 01000001 01100111 01001110 01010100 01100011 00111101
It was hidden within the most recent Stonetoss comic on the main site:

Translating it into text results in this:
Does this mean anything to anyone?

File: downForTheCount.png (715.66 KB, 857x796)
Vaccine Mandatory for College Students in Illinois
08/27/21(Fri)04:42:14 No.42030

politically-incorrec politicallyincorrect illinois
The vaccine is now mandatory for college students and employees in Illinois. At the very least it looks like I might have to drop out since I'm likely to suffer heavy side effects due to my unusual physical situation, not to mention no desire to take it. There's also a mandatory indoor mask mandate for everyone over the age of TWO. Many are upset, but virtually no one that's vaccinated is resisting, and likely won't in the near future.

...How long will it be before I have to leave my parents and home behind forever?




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File: mandating a vax that does(...).jpg (49.83 KB, 740x419)

Congrats. Happy to hear that you won't have to deal with this bullshit for the time being.
But it should have never come to this. Hope springs eternal that people will open their eyes to the potential abuses of those more powerful and connected than them. However without action, it won't amount to anything. Not advocating anything in particular, except that doing nothing is just begging for this sort of thing to happen again.
>until Pritzker goes full authoritarian
No one is going to save you but yourself iron.
File: 6E31EAB2-7609-4731-86B5-7(...).jpeg (30.08 KB, 474x449)
Been trying to contact the student center for clarification before I post this, but it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna get back to me anytime soon:

I was made aware right before the end of the semester that my college will no longer be offering Covid testing on campus, yet will still require anyone with an exemption to get tested. At this point my only options are to give up on this school or drive the second family car out three hours so that I can drive to the nearest testing center (which is a drive thru place five miles out, so I can’t even order an Über to drop me off there), maintain gas on that car with whatever money I can scrounge, and hope that nothing bad happens to it when I’m not that good of a driver. My dad has tried to resolve this, but it seems like the school is too much on life support to care. (You can really feel the lack of budget in the food and housing. The bathroom ceiling collapsed two feet from me while I was on the can, had me on edge the rest of that week.)

Don’t know what I’m going to do anymore; If I wasn’t extremely neurotic, I’d just get a job, since my parents’ only obligation is that I’m not a NEET. First semester was hard enough in terms of classes (mainly because I’d constantly procrastinate to the point where I only got 2-3 hours of sleep most nights), so second semester would be even more stressful inevitably. No clue what I’m gonna do anymore. My dad keeps trying to tell me “we’ll” get through it, but stuff like
has me convinced things are only downhill from here.

Sorry to hear. You really shouldn't be required to do this. But you can check with your city, some offer free tests at libraries, fire departments or city hall.
Better yet, check to see if they'll accept the at-home test results. It could be cheaper if you just pick some up at your local shartmart. And there will supposedly be a way to get free ones in the mail next month.
>bathroom ceiling collapsed two feet from me
wtf? any other horror stories?
File: FBE5C02A-CD0C-4D0E-8572-E(...).jpeg (1.4 MB, 1320x1390)
Well, I’m back at school, after waiting however many weeks to get a response. All they told me in that time was that they plan on setting up a testing center and were trying to figure out the funding, and now I just got an email that they’re just not gonna care about tests for the rest of January since they already said that none of the clubs are allowed to meet during the month anyway.

The response I got from the Student Center a week ago seems to suggest that they have no idea what to do and their already strained funding has been even more irritated by Pritzker’s mandate. Apparently some classes at this school required students to buy materials that were originally provided as far back as 2017, so they’ve already had funding issues before the pandemic.

Oh yeah, forgot about this post:
>any other horror stories?
Fire alarm keeps going off twice a week due to faulty wiring and the fact that people keep breaking the washing machines by loading too many clothes at once. In addition to that, the washing machines keep draining through the floor into the main lobby, and they only just got around to fixing that (at the start of the new semester).

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