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File: 20201201_103808.jpg (394.39 KB, 1065x960)
Random links, pics vids?
03/16/21(Tue)21:08:22 No.17172

Anybody have any random megas, pics, vids, base64 codes? Bored bored bored
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File: 1617080018845.png (50.44 KB, 1024x1024)
Faceswap is a deepfake AI that allows you to mask somebody else's face over a pre-existent image or video. The torrent includes a few pre-trained models however you can train the AI to fake whoever you please by following the instructions within the included txt file.

Torrent: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f417925cf1f3c3180bdc9629ba27e6840aaadb42&dn=Face%20Swap%20Trained&
File: 1620065492878.jpg (273.9 KB, 1080x1349)
When cucks change their mind:
File: 4b18e3e691bd26e91b808fce5(...).webp (22.78 KB, 1200x449)
This guide works on every browser without additional software. Although there are things that add some convenience to browsing sadpanda.

Chrome extension for logging in on exhentai - All it does is makes you login directly on site if you ever forget about cleaning your cookies and can't be bothered to login to first.
EhViewer for android - While you can access SadPanda using normal browser, this app adds some very nice features like downloading, additional preferences, tag blocking and many more useful features. I highly recommend it for android users. You can download it here.
TachiyomiEH - Another android app. It was recommended in the comments so I added it here
info graphs here.

Cartoon superior, anime bad

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Close but it was

better luck next time (in about 10k posts)
don't mind me i'm just looking for the lain get

File: Andy is so fing hawt.jpg (57.32 KB, 500x500)
I would
05/09/21(Sun)23:12:08 No.25148

Would you suck a log of shit out of Andy Sixx's asshole?

File: Leek Spin.webm (5.51 MB, 320x240)
Leek Spin
03/25/21(Thu)22:34:54 No.18179

Leek Spin

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coronachan truly is a blessing
File: 1620473174845.png (84.09 KB, 666x554)
Women are weak, kids are weak. The physically weak instinctively favor total control and authoritarian leadership over the whole group, as it provides security, contrary to freedom and independence, which they are mortally afraid of, as it would make them vulnerable.
That's why women and children should have no power in society. They'll turn everything into a dystopian nightmare in order to "feel safe".

Some men are rapists, but they do not preach it to be the essence of manlyness.
Many women are shitty and they think it makes them empowered and moral

So is true..
When women encounter views/opinions and things they don't like, they feel personally insulted and create a fuss in order to have the people/organisation shut down
When men encounter views/opinions and things they don't like they say 'I don't like this so I'm not going to be around it' they then leave and everyone gets on with their day

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Ready to take risk?

If you’re not willing to have your heart broken, then you aren’t ready for the big leagues yet. It’s exactly the same with business negotiation: if you’re not willing to blow it up, you’ll always get bad deals, and probably get fired.

Romance is a risky proposition for both parties, and it takes most people quite a few tries to get it right. You have to commit, and accept that there may be pain

Bad analogy. The success of negotiations depends on the best alternatives of both parties

I have never seen a black person in real life.
File: 1619975073837.png (113.31 KB, 500x417)

All women desire to be dominated.
It's why they hate themselves, the more self-loathing a woman visually has the more disgusted with herself she is because she can't stop thinking about being bitched by every man she sees.

It's literal basic-bitch 101.
Be hot, and be nice to them, but dont simp. Its ok to tell them no, and disagree, just be charming while you do it.
Women dont listen to logic or reason. They will form their opinion of you based on how you make them feel. If youre hot, they'll already like you. if youre not, they probably will never like you anyway.

File: 2262.jpeg (47.6 KB, 510x510)
01/13/21(Wed)17:04:51 No.2262

welcome to /mu/

a board for discussing music
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File: 1506884315633.webm (3.58 MB, 480x360)

Why is this their most popular song?

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That’s what I assumed.

It's a jap pun, like 2chan (ni-chan). So iro2 means "irony".

In a similar vein, I think it means iro(x)2, as in iroiro, the Japanese word for various.
File: 1439666511121.png (240.81 KB, 524x541)

C sounds about right, given what the other user said about the pun.

File: My wife and her twin are (...).jpg (75.04 KB, 640x480)
This is my wife Sthugar
05/06/21(Thu)01:00:55 No.24433

Say something nice about her
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File: big ol ones.jpg (21.03 KB, 320x304)

Goddammit. What did I tell you Iron? Don't fall for her uncaring yet, alluring gaze. Nothing but trouble.
File: 8087ECE6-1051-41C8-A57E-8(...).png (749.33 KB, 800x732)

That’s not me, but
has indeed stolen my idea, and shall now pay the price.
File: 14361.jpg (3.34 KB, 114x125)

uhm, which one is it?
She (probably) won't divorce you.

That she does.


You got the wrong guy. And shit taste.

You snooze, you lose

>which on is she?
Fixed that for you. My rock is on the left btw.

My Sthugar is very faithful and would never leave me.

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