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Iro - entryway - Soul/soulless thread


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Soul/soulless thread
09/16/21(Thu)19:07:16 No.42929

Post em!
Note: not only vidya games
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Is this how this is supposed to go?
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Pretty much every Nintendo game since the Wii U is soulless, which is pretty disappointing.
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Alright, I completely wasted my entire day sleeping and staring at the ceiling even though I have an exam and a project coming up, so might as well list a bunch of these comparisons:


>Mario Party 1-8
<Everything else (portable versions, 9, 10, Super, etc.)
>Mario Baseball and Strikers games
<All other Mario sports-related games
>Nintendo DSi and 3DS ware
<Nintendo Wii non-VC ware, Wii U eShop and Switch Online System
>Spongebob BfBB
<Spongebob BfBB: Rehydrated
>Most companies EA has consumed
>Most indie devs
<Any big corporate video game company (including Nintendo)
>Physical copies of things (games, movies, books, etc.)
<Virtual copies of things
>Precise midi files with theoretically perfect timing
<High-budget orchestrated video game music
>Remix that is faithful to the original tone/theme of the song
<Remix that is just EDM with various riffs of the song
>Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Good Charlotte
<American Idiot by Green Day
>Literally any other season of Family Guy
>Family Guy Season 19 (every episode)
>Conventional media or subversive media to reveal an actual blind spot
<Subversive media to be unique/tell a story from the author's personal misrepresentation of reality
>Stick figures
<Whatever the Hell calart/chibi garbage people make nowadays
>Earbuds in the store
<Earbuds online, coming from whatever third world manufacturer Amazon buys from that doesn't even use proper glue or working components
>Pikmin 2

<Pikmin 3

That's all I could come up with, but my general methodology relies on soulful original concept vs. soulless remake/corruption of the original.


They could have gone with any other late 2000s/early 2010s characters, but people stuck their flags into Pepe and Wojak. At least trollface still sees occasional usage and, once in a blue moon, cereal guy.