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Iro - entryway - God I miss rain. Anyon...


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02/15/21(Mon)13:37:41 No.12686

God I miss rain. Anyone else really wishing the cold season will end so you can sneak out without a mask and enjoy the fresh air?


Yeah, playing in the rain its so much fun

I was more talking about how much I hate snow.

I wish I could see the snow

Yes, you can still have a fair bit of fun outside but nothing really compares to a nice summer afternoon.
Finally! Never thought I’d be this glad to see rain, especially since this is a constant cycle.

Nope, the rain is fake, just like the snow in texas. If you don't wear a mask, the vapor coming from the infected (from all the air pollution) water can cause you to be sick. It can also cause skin damage due to long exposition. The only solution to against this is a mask and thight clothes :/

The water coming down literally has the same level of sanity as sewer water. This is insane.
File: Sweat.png (9.61 KB, 219x230)

tropical climate fag here.
fuck no.
I wish it would always be winter. No snow down here means its bearable to go outside without fear of getting swallowed in a flash flood or swept up by a typhoon.
File: EcsxQNyUcAENVeN.jpeg (81.24 KB, 1024x492)

southern hemisphere fag speaking, cold season has already started for us, and it's being confy as hell. Last year was a disaster so I hope this winter is cold
t. subtropics
pic not related


Really wish I could enjoy the cold the way you guys do. It’s been getting below zero past couple years and I’ve been really sick of staying inside.

Cool pic it will go into my "maps where USA and 3rd world are painted in the same color" collection.

Can you share some pics from your folder iron? That sounds like shitpost material
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i got nice trips, this means this week will be kino
File: 1630266090253.png (439.24 KB, 2576x3480)
Geez man, been away from my swampy, coastside town for a month now, and I already miss the humidity. It seems like my hands crack every day it hasn't rained or been mostly cloudy.

Also, snow is about to overtake rain in a few months. Can't wait for that to happen again. If I wasn't so used to cold weather, I'd rather live in the South.