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Get back here and pick more cotton nigger.

You're staying here nigger.
Back to page one nigger

Your not leaving page one so quickly.
Come back here blackie
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thanks for keeping that nigger in check satan


In check for what? Unless I missed a huge wave of traffic, it will take weeks of regular activity for the fugitive to roam free.
I bet you've never seen a vagina, incel.

yes, racism shaped this world and is still doing it one way or another

I thought incels weren’t real
You are already on page one but it won't hurt me to shove you back further in the cage

Get your ass back in 'ere you stupid fuckin' gorilla monkey nigger.

Ferrous Satan.

Le mad femcel?

No one is sure if incels are real or not but there has been sightings. The incel is an elusive creature.

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Tin hands typed this post
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I guess the Satanists were onto something.

Satan isn't real but if he was he would probably hate niggers too.

dumb luck i guess

welcome back to page 1

Sorry dude, maybe next year.
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I won't let him escape

Back to the plantation with you nigger.
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wtf i love satan now?!
Lol what's going on in this thread?
Wtf why iron hate blacks?! That racist
Nate Higgers x Kate Hikes

what does kino mean


i cee wat u did thare

kino is another epic 4chan /tv/ meme©. (Very) loosely refers to movies that are panned by the general public and critics but are in fact masterpieces. Something like hidden gems. Iirc it was originally meant to refer to movies/productions with shoestring budgets.

>The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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Nigger-sama, I kneel. AND I CHECK THESE DIGITS
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very nice satan. very nice.

This is getting ridiculous.

type nigger into all fields
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Thanks kind stranger!