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Tinder thread
02/28/21(Sun)09:33:27 No.15207

how is your tinder game doing, iron?

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I do the same as male.
tinder is shite
Can we just agree that men have very basic standards and women have the high standards. Men just want to date a woman who looks-matches them and is from a similar socioeconomic background. Women reject this, and desire to always date and marry up, because they find their male looks-matches unattractive and they instead the average woman wants an above average Brad, but Brad is not available to most average women and as a result women complain about how "men have too have standards it's not fair" while they ignore a large portion of the male population. It's female choice that causes most of these dating problems.

I think men tend to realize anything is better than being alone earlier in their life.
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Only chad win
File: 1626238456645.png (414.12 KB, 413x771)

Maybe you should take the vaxx

File: kppo7oiabw961.jpg (38.31 KB, 563x497)
Trans Christians are Christians.
01/24/21(Sun)01:43:20 No.7295

transrights christianity lgbt
There was never mentioned anything about trans people in the bible, so christians have no right to hate on them.


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I wouldn’t say that the definitions themselves are irrelevant, but the concept that you need a whole word to center around how something is viewed differently between people seems extremely unnecessary. Just do what people have done for all other ideas: compare them between people until we determine what is objectively the best definition of sex. It may differ based on culture, but that’s why you just remove things that can be influenced by culture from the definition. It’s pretty bizarre to think that people’s views of sex are so diverse that we need a word just to describe how a person views sex, in the same way it would be weird to have a word that means “how someone perceives edible materials such as fruit, vegetables, or meat.”

>compare them between people until we determine what is objectively the best definition of sex.
One could say this is the whole tranny argument, summed up. One side wants an expansion/changing of terms, one side doesn't want.
The best will be decided by the winner.
I don't know why gender became the big term it did, im guessing because of social sciences wanting a broader term that isn't "sexual roles", or maybe because of feminism movement pushing the term 'gender role'. Objectively, we have examples of societies with vastly different gender roles, the famous example being those african tribes with a 3-gender system.

Many languages are gendered. In my language, a table and chairs are male, but a bed, pillow, and blanket are female. Why? I don't know. Russian even has 3 genders in their languages - male, female, 'it'. Just to clarify, a gendered language doesn't means I call the table a 'he', it means every verb I use that refers to the table must be conjugated to the male form.

Im not surprised that subjective sex has a term while most things don't - sex is literally the biggest, most visible divider of them all, dividing humanity into two distinct camps.

When you put it like that, I could see the practical use for the application of gender (I have to speak in simple Spanish sentences every week or so do deal with customers, so I hopefully understand what you mean by gendered language). But yeah, maybe it is just the war of ideas, in a similar vein to a religious war, though it’s of course more verbal than physical. Regardless, it’s almost certain what side I’m forced to side with.

check again. I don't speak spanish, but I reason it's about the same as any other gendered language.
Been nice talking to you. see me at nanon if you want to talk again.
File: 178298E9-362A-4DC2-A25C-7(...).jpeg (60.12 KB, 600x685)

I haven’t thought about that board in months. Reminds me of the olden days of Iro...

File: 56-p3dMm1t.png (619.47 KB, 856x553)
survey for a research paper
07/12/21(Mon)06:55:51 No.37379

im doing a paper on internet censorship and need some survey answers, it's 6 short questions
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Not sure what a couple of data points from irons will accomplish but good luck on that paper.
File: 57cbc36d39e12.png (516.2 KB, 512x512)

they require responses that's it, I couldn't give 2 fucks what you put in.

Thanks for the green light iron :^)

Hope my data helped iron :)
File: 204908332_794604984552363(...).jpg (13.13 KB, 356x203)

Sent results, wish you the best on your paper.

File: diversity is england's gr(...).png (248.36 KB, 265x407)
07/11/21(Sun)23:34:21 No.37144

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File: 1626113821810.png (184.78 KB, 818x355)
>Petition demanding lifetime bans for racists abusing England players reaches 400,000 signatures
File: 1626197865283.png (621.31 KB, 1206x614)
this is amazing. on top of losing they have to deepthroat the bbc or face prison

File: 3F178EC7-6799-44D5-9EC9-3(...).jpeg (29.95 KB, 354x354)
Why Do They Hate/Fear Him So Much?
07/13/21(Tue)07:37:54 No.37473

politically-incorrec politicallyincorrect
I probably wouldn’t mind modern American politics as much if I just understood where all of it came from. It is inconceivable to me that it’s just because of his character. Is it because he’s rich? Is it because they think he’s a pervert/abuser? Is it because he looks pretty strange, old, or maybe even sickly? My mentally-ill mind refuses to just deal with the fact that people on the Left just shut down and enter robot supremacy mode whenever something like him is mentioned/sided with. If I could figure it out, maybe I could find a middle ground.



for many people he represents america saying she doesn't care about virtue and just wants to be loud dumb racist hillbillies. It's the part americans joke about being part of their culture but many of them resent that identity.

File: Football Badgers animated(...).webm (5.03 MB, 854x480)
It's never coming home
03/25/21(Thu)02:52:23 No.18131

Don't delude yourself iron.
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blast from the past. do you have to original?
File: 1625255856575.png (673.63 KB, 720x715)

this better be right iron

Prophetic post this one.

my God my insomnia is sneeding me

File: coolspot.gif (536.93 KB, 500x480)
Cool Spot
07/10/21(Sat)18:39:08 No.37074

Welcome to the Cool Spot.

Tor: http://coolspotrm6ak66adrcfium2vdrf5fvxshuq5vvpvk6kvrwxv6zj4gid.onion/
<Already down
Bummer, guess I’ll never know what it was all about.

You didn't miss much.
Allegedly, many of the one-off chans that make the rounds (look in /listchan/ for more examples) were made by one person. He'll make a new one, spam it and then grab user IP's and delete it within a week.
This is something I came across on Not sure if this is true, but stranger things have happened. Anyone with more info feel free to confirm/deny.

File: F6C599BD-2FB2-476F-937A-C(...).jpeg (121.09 KB, 613x582)
07/05/21(Mon)20:17:05 No.36519

test 4chansucks
Traffic Light game is gone.
Also, how the fuck do I read this? Pic related was the only one I could even slightly figure out after 5 resets.
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File: 12B0EF6F-C49E-4BD0-8A6F-0(...).jpeg (122.22 KB, 613x480)

Mm, delicious!
Back to the kitchen.
File: A8641DBB-3639-4521-B6D5-3(...).jpeg (1.79 MB, 1475x1282)

This block of cheddar cheese.

That looks appetizing. Happy snacking iron.
Is it me or did they update the captcha? I'm always getting sliders (sus) and now they added grainy pixel noise (?) on the background. I think the letters are more spaced randomly now too.
File: 1625965457969.jpg (121.82 KB, 965x826)


File: 20210606_210639.jpg (40.42 KB, 851x642)
06/30/21(Wed)02:17:02 No.34848

Could have swore this shit hole got nuked for pedophila
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No, two boards bit the dust though.
Hopefully that got the message across.

I mean, they did just remake the boards, but maybe now they aren’t as bad as last time.

You're confusing Iro with masterchan

Wrong imageboard site. Multiple boards have been nuked for said reasoms akready.

File: 1623442437226.jpg (30.55 KB, 739x415)
Being teenage girls is hard, is it?
06/15/21(Tue)13:39:47 No.31692

bitchesaintshit pc
name one thing teenage girls can like without being mocked for it
name one thing teenage guys can like without being mocked for it

the internet because they are no grils on the internet so they can't get mocked for it.

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