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File: Ashlightning1.jpg (26.03 KB, 600x400)
08/07/21(Sat)23:40:03 No.40652

Volcanoes are cool.

thats a lightning volcano
File: Disposal of organic waste(...).webm (4.82 MB, 640x480)
If you were a savage sacrifice to a volcano god, would you die instantly from the fall or feel 10-20 seconds of hell until your brain evaporates?
File: volcano.jpg (3.46 KB, 220x272)

u r gay.

File: 1975.jpg (3.8 MB, 2445x3956)
Hey anon, wanna be a wizard?
01/07/21(Thu)23:00:27 No.1975

paranormal occult
Hi, yes! Occult is the board for arcane knowledge and magickal practice. post what fits under the board's umbrella
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Ferrous trolling. Fuck }{.

>mirror digits
You can never go wrong with Julius Evolva and digits confirm it must be good.

Hi, yes! Got a discord? Looking for fringe and/or occult knowledge? Join 3fHAHbXe

File: C75AAD3D-7E57-40C3-8A09-5(...).jpeg (93.22 KB, 540x720)
01/16/21(Sat)22:56:21 No.3727

list animal monke
Official Monke board
Feel free to post monkeys
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This has been a cringe, shit tier meme since its inception
File: elcapitan.jpg (12.78 KB, 238x320)

Nvm found it

File: diddykong.jpg (41.5 KB, 474x487)
What's up my fellow monke enthusiats
Yes I'm from /v--video-games/ how could you tell?
File: gibs.gif (1.95 MB, 176x172)
Hand over those monke gifs. NOW!

File: 1621402700763.jpg (57.06 KB, 332x363)
07/05/21(Mon)16:49:25 No.36508

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File: 1614094202210.png (491.78 KB, 1424x1284)

oh god
File: xj9.png (776.25 KB, 1400x1000)
Can XJ-9 really be considered a "she"? My understanding is that Jenny is completely artificial, not some kind of cyborg.

people name cars and boats after women. why not something that is clearly meant to resemble one?

forgot to add that I'd be more concerned with how her clothing stays on. its not like its bolted to her like her hair.
i mean in the canon.

File: 1628081809690.jpg (519.71 KB, 1031x867)
08/11/21(Wed)21:23:12 No.41064

Baka! is online again!

Come have fun and act retarded.

File: anime was a mistake.jpg (179.14 KB, 1200x900)
08/11/21(Wed)17:42:44 No.41059

I've come to hate wapanese site mascots. The inspiration of which is god-awful. They all blend together as subpar fapbait. To say nothing of the """communities""" built around them.
I can't be the only one.

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Who are you to resurrect this thread?

My name is
>mfw posts have no name
>mfw I have no face

Btw, do you think Yoshi is embarrassed when he poops eggs in front of Mario? haha

It has just come to my attention this is from Mario Super Sluggers and part of me wants to play that game now since I have hundreds of hours in Mario Superstar Baseball.

File: The meddling kids and the(...).png (476.83 KB, 780x439)
Alright Gang
04/25/21(Sun)01:08:03 No.22440

Looks like we have a mystery on our hands.
On 02/23/2021 a fellow Iro2 user began posting ciphered messages on the d1 board. The thread can be found here.

This other thread may also be of interest.

I believe that this user is the same.

As to what the post themselves mean, they seem to be using a substitution cypher. The thread most likely uses the same key for every post. Each post, with the exception of the OP, contains a digit in brackets at the end. This one

even has what may be a binary number after the bracketed one. If the two threads are in fact connected, then solving the cypher and the numbers may yield the url to a hidden board. It is also possible that the user never finished his puzzle and any attempt to solve this would be an exercise in futility. I found it interesting and though I should share. Post your thoughts and solutions in this thread.
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File: 9000 + 1 hours in mspaint(...).png (909.39 KB, 1000x635)
Looks like the mystery poster is behind the 40k get. Here's more info on the new posts.

Cont. from


When there are ripples in the water, yet nothing is heard, a storm is coming.

>Only post (aside from OP) which has an image. The image has text which translated is:

Vehicle has been secured. Hopefully this will let us secure the Pst link in the chain.


The most uncommon thing is one's perception of common sense.

<The following post replies to the OP. No date is given, untranslated.

lkj okjwefok ciew, ijekf... kjsoei ksdfkj , hio iolks, cdc alaedkls. [[8X23EDC32A]]


>No date either and replies to the previous one. 3 line breaks precede the response.

You speak madness that my feeble mind can’t comprehend. You would be perfect for our ranks if you were good with a clock.


The time has almost come. The preparations have taken months, but now we may see the first glimpse at the power we seek!

>There are now two new threads in the d-chain. Both are OP only. New one on /d1/:

This is your last chance

Fools. I see that one of you mortals is trying to summon me, and now that the barrier has been weakened, there's little time for you to turn back. If you don't stop now, your fate will be sown and all may fall, but if you have no intention of stopping, just understand that my strength is too great for you to handle, and that there will be great suffering for all that oppose me.

>Other thread in /d2/, no subject:


Concerning the untranslated post in the original thread, the post replying to it suggests that it's encrypted by the use of a clock cypher. Also contains a string of numbers at the end encased in two sets of brackets.


File: clock cypher.jpg (27.96 KB, 546x395)

The other thread on /d1/ seems to be a warning and no text seems apparent in the OP image.
/d2/ has a map as an OP image.
Someone already checked the 40k get on /d1/ using the same cypher as the original user. I don't think this is related to the puzzle itself.
That's about all that's sound enough. The following is just conjecture.

Text in the /d2/ thread may be the board tag for a hidden board as all tags have 8 characters with a mix of letters/numbers. The numerical string below it may hint at rearranging them in that order, so the board tag would be f0vg8Xhl instead of 8vfXghl0.
But ALL board tags are lowercase and the post on /d2/ could instead be a key for the encrypted text on the original thread. I doubt the creator would cross reference as he's kept things self-contained.
Translated straight from base26 it would be IXA or I X A if the uppercase X is instead a multiplication symbol. It can also be read as I A. If you do rearrange before decoding from Base26 you'd get AXI, A X I, or A I.
This gave me the idea to try and translate the bracketed string from the original thread as well from b26. This gives you I X BG.
Using the standard clock cypher on both of these yields A X I = 8 AM and I X BG = 8 23 16. The second one could also be 8 x 16 = 128.

>Pic related is what I used for the clock.

>No date either and replies to the previous one. 3 line breaks precede the response.

>You speak madness that my feeble mind can’t comprehend. You would be perfect for our ranks if you were good with a clock.

that's because that response was me shitposting gibberish

It seems I've solved the first step.

The text in d2 is indeed a hidden board tag and the tag is gf8hxl0v

the numbers are telling you what place to put the character, so since eight is the first character, and three is the first number, you put eight in the third spot.

The X threw me off too. If you try using the board tag I found with a capitalized X, you will see that it doesn't work. I figured you were supposed to replace the X with some value you found elsewhere, but I decided going through 36 some characters was easy enough. I wasn't even thinking and when I got to x, I put it in lowercase like I was with everything else and it worked that time.

Now what to do with this Zelda nonsense? I have no idea.

Interesting. It reads like some paranormal word salad. I wonder what it is building toward. It strikes me as an example of something for the collaborative writing board.

File: e.png (27.68 KB, 400x379)
08/08/21(Sun)15:57:57 No.40696

come have fun!

File: fqpvTgcfOg.png (1.42 MB, 1280x1155)
07/16/21(Fri)08:26:44 No.37563

Well Irons, this site has been active almost 8 months now. Have you enjoyed the time you've spent on this website? I've enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Either way, I appreciate this opportunity Iromoot has granted us all and I hope for many more months if not years of sticking together.

...Sorry if this sorta feels like this came out of nowhere, it's just been a bit quiet the past few days, and I realized I've never made my appreciation for this site all that pronounced.

Also, do you like my picture? Liminal spaces give me a sense of calm and security. It's a place where I can be alone with all my secrets. Kinda like Iro, in an odd way.


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Yes, I enjoy my time on this website, despite being barren it's very comfy. My favorite part is checking if any new boards have been created on the map thread. I guess you can compare Iro to a liminal space...
I do find it extremely interesting and enjoyable. There are sparks of conflict but it mostly appears to be a calm ocean. The slow pace of the site is very soothing as you've pointed out.
Your picture is nice; it reminds me of a local mall that closed last year.

Exploration of new boards is what attracted me in the first place.

>enjoyed the time you've spent on this website?
yeah. its pretty slow so far but still nice.

Also, do you like my picture?
I dont get it, is it supposed to be like some modern art thing? Looks weird.

I'm guessing it's a giant empty gumball machine.

looks photoshopped in, but maybe its just the lighting

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